neil rogers

Neil Rogers is a sustainable, experiential and adventure tourism development and marketing expert. He’s held senior positions with award winning travel companies such as Francis Ford Coppola Resorts , Journey Latin America, International Expeditions, Inc. and The Lodge at Chaa Creek.

He’s served as the Chair of the prestigious Destination Stewardship Working Group at the Global Sustainable Tourism Council (GSTC) and is a judge and inspector for the World Travel and Tourism Council’s (WTTC) Tourism for Tomorrow Awards.

Neil’s consulting experience has taken him to a wide range of cultural and environmental settings including Sweden, Norway, Finland, Estonia, Poland, Russia, the US Virgin Islands, Belize, Guatemala, Honduras, Guyana, Bolivia and Peru.

In the Nordic region he’s advised a number of well known initiatives including Nature’s Best, Sweden’s Quality label for Ecotourism, the visitSápmi destination development project and the Wild Norway entrepreneurial network. He’s currently the sustainable destination development advisor for Kiruna in Swedish Lapland and is advising Destination Røros in how to develop active culinary and adventure travel.

Rogers&Co AB has conducted sustainable destination assessments of Kiruna in Swedish Lapland and Åre Destination testing for destination compliance with GSTC-D Criteria (Global Sustainable Tourism Council Criteria for Sustainable Destinations) and is working with STI to develop a cloud based Sustainable Management System and Quality Label for Kiruna in Swedish Lapland.

Rogers is a past member of the Belize Tourist Board’s Marketing Advisory Committee and has over 25-years of experience working within Belize and the Latin American travel market. His strong interest in conservation and sustainable travel has recently taken him to India, Morocco, Kenya, Namibia and the RSA.

Recognized as an expert in adventure and experiential travel, Rogers has been interviewed by Adventure Travel News in relation to his work linking luxury and sustainable travel. He was a speaker at the 2011 Adventure Travel World Summit held in Chiapas, Mexico; spoke at Wild Scotland‘s Annual Conference in Perth in 2013, Scotland on nature and adventure travel trends in the Nordic Region; and was a keynote speaker at the 2014 Tillväxtverket and VisitSweden annual conference on Sustainable Destination Development.

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