sustainable destinations

The growing importance of Destination Stewardship

On the 01 November, 2013 the Global Sustainable Tourism Council (GSTC) released its Sustainable Destination Criteria GSTC-D v.1

The GSTV-D v.1 Criteria are the result of a two year process supported by the UN Foundation, UNEP, UNWTO and a coalition of 27 global organizations. The GSTC is a multi-stakeholder umbrella organization bringing together businesses, governments, non-governmental organizations, academia, individuals and DMOs engaged in, and striving for sustainable tourism. GSTC-D v.1 is the global standard for the minimum undertakings a destination should achieve if it is to be considered sustainable.

Neil Rogers is a current member and the ex-Chair of the Destination Stewardship Working Group at GSTC, an expert working group of global experts who were tasked to develop and deliver the GSTC-D Criteria and Indicators.

As part of Sweden’s Hållbar Destinationsutveckling (HDU) project funded by the Swedish Growth Agency (Tillväxtverket) rogers & co AB was tasked with tested the destinations of Kiruna in Swedish Lapland and Åre Destination for compliance against the Global Sustainable Tourism Council Destinations Criteria / GSTC-D.

rogers & co AB  can help your destination develop your sustainable destination strategy by focusing on a custom built strategy that is aligned to the criteria and indicators outlined in GSTC-D and the European Tourism Indicator System / ETIS.

rogers & co AB can help you develop, implement and manage an internationally recognized and tested cloud based Sustainable Management System that uses a clear framework with agreed international standards that sets goals, monitors performance and provides assessment at enterprise and destination level.

The four step system includes: standards development; monitoring system; training and destination assessment.

For more information contact Neil Rogers on

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