Why think about mentoring?

Mentoring allows entrepreneurs, businesses, project leaders and DMOs to tap into and benefit from years of hard earned industry expertise and contacts. Mentoring allows you to speed up your development process or to identify issues and rectify them quickly thus saving time, money and safeguarding your hard earned reputation.

Export training is helpful in developing specific experiences or products but what happens when the export course finishes and you need advice on how to develop your business or forge new relationships?

Mentoring gives you the support and confidence you need to take your business or development strategy to the next level.

How does it work? 

Understanding a business is critical to efficient and successful mentoring.

Desk top research followed by a site visit to get to know the destination, to meet those involved in the business or DMO and to experience the operation is a critical first step.

An initial site visit can be supplements by additional stakeholder workshops if desired and critically Skype calls can be used to maintain regular contact so that mentoring is available when needed.

Mentoring provides the expertise, experience and tools necessary to help you succeed in an increasingly competitive market place.

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