export training

With over 10 years of export training experience in the Nordic region and 25-years+ of product development work in the private sector we can offer a range of innovative solutions for destinations, NGOs and private enterprise.

We understand how important it is to get a return from your marketing and sales efforts. We’re firm believers in creating experiences rather than simply following ‘cookie cutter’ methods of product development and packaging.

We’re always looking for new ideas and insights for delivering client’s content directly to consumers and through the travel trade.

Successful businesses and destinations understand who their best customers are and how best to communicate to them to ensure the message resonates.

We’ll help you with market segmentation so that you can group your customers into segments based on geographic, demographic and psychographic profiling.

Our work will also focus on a attracting sophisticated clients through a demand driven, customer focused approach to sustainable tourism development through the visitor experience value chain approach. This method focuses on developing a destination strategy that is focused on quality, genuine hospitality, environmental stewardship, social inclusiveness, value for money and collective benefit. Sophisticated travelers increasingly want to buy experiences not products, they want knowledge, authenticity and a passion for the destination. They increasingly want to return home having rubbed shoulders with the ‘locals’  and having learnt something that will give them bragging rights with their friends, family and work colleagues.

Our aim is to help you target the right customer with the right offer and the right message.

We’ll help you or your product group or destination with the design of your excursions and experiences so they appeal to your target markets. We’ll also help ensure they’re safe and priced to meet market expectations. We’ll cover how to work with tour operators, how to gain visibility for your company and products and how to deliver excellent customer service.

We’ll also help you understand how to ‘tell your story’ and that of your destination to your best market segments.

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