destination development

Destination development is one of the seven main strategies of Sweden’s Vision 2020. The mid-term goals of Vision 2020 is to reach SEK 200 billion in annual tourism export and to generate 100,000 new jobs in Sweden.

The SWE-INVIT 2013 document entitled “The Swedish Tourism and Hospitality Industry’s Research and Innovation Agenda 214-2030” highlights 3 trends that will impact travel & tourism – Urbanization, Sustainable Development and Digital Development.

It is our belief that if destinations wish to improve their performance and attract new, high value clients they need to look at and improve their performance in relation to the “Experience Value Chain”.

Experience Value Chain copy

Many destinations within Sweden are simply not visible or fail to resonate with potential visitors at the initial stages ( Awaking Interest and Planning) of the Experience Value Chain and thus lose out to the international competition.

They lack international brand recognition, their digital development strategy lacks vision and strategy, they fail to tell their unique destination story in a way that is engaging and inspiring and have a poor grasp of their best prospects and market segmentation based on demographics, geographical markets and psychographic factors (attitudes, beliefs values).

Neil Rogers is currently helping Destination Røros and Kiruna in Swedish Lapland with their strategic planning strategies.

Linda Ramberg, Reiselivsdirectør/MD for Destination Røros; Hilde Bergebakken, Utviklingssjef/Development Manager at Destination Røros and Frank Novik, Destination Røros Board Member and Driftssjef/Operations Manager at the Røros Hotel Group posted the following on FaceBook following a strategic planning meeting with Rogers in Røros between the 18-20 March, 2014.

Linda's FB comment Hilde FB Comment2 Frank's FB Comments

If you’d like to become more competitive and are open to innovative ideas and strategies we can help you with:-

  • strategic planning for destinations
  • sustainable destination auditing and development strategies
  • putting experiences at the heart of your brand
  • inspirational story telling
  • better analysis of travel motivations and behavious so that you target the right consumer, with the right message and offer
  • the development of inspiring and authentic experience development
  • export training for the travel trade
  • web development strategies that awake interest, inspire action, help trip planning and improve the booking process
  • interactive map development that inspires local stakeholder participation and provides an incentive to protect and enhance natural and cultural assets
  • owned and earned media strategies

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