wild norway

Wild NorwayEven though Norway is gifted with stunning landscapes and amazing wildlife we’re still lacking the knowledge in how to develop our destination in order to take advantage of adventure and nature based tourism from overseas markets.

In order to make our outdoor suppliers a success and to ensure the Trøndelag region is visible on the adventure travel map we must take a big step forward.

Product development, business and destination development and strategies, marketing and sales – it all has to fit together.

Neil Rogers is one of most experienced in the business and he isn’t only an expert on small segments of this chain, he can deliver on every part of it – and if he can`t he`ll tell you and at the same time offer alternatives solutions.

A key factor in Neil’s case is that although his services are in demand he always responds to e-mails quickly and efficiently. It is a pleasure to work with a person so effective, personable, clear minded, clear talking, humble and straight forward.

Petter Thorsen – Project Leader, Wild Norway

Neil’s work with Petter Thorsen and the Proneo AB consulting team has been to inspire and mentor the Wild Norway members and at the same time support Petter in how to best raise the profile of Wild Norway through international networking; the development of quality levels; the design of experiences that the market is looking for; introduce Wild Norway to the travel trade; deliver workshops and inspirational talks; accompany the Wild Norway team to key events such as the Adventure Travel World Summit.

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