Visit Sapmi

Neil has been my chief advisor in building the Swedish ecotourism label Nature’s Best and in helping to develop and launch Swedish ecotourism tours with both Nature’s Best and more recently with visitSápmi.

We have worked well together both independently and in team efforts. Whether in product development, sustainable practices, hotel management or marketing he is the most knowledgeable person I have met in Sweden.

He is an outstanding analyst and project planner when asked to develop a tourism destination. His global experience and high quality travel trade contacts make it possible to use him for the whole process of creating a functioning tourism destination.

In assessing tourism attractions, forming tourism development plans, making and implementing marketing plans. Although he is an International expert I also find him excellent in understanding how to develop the domestic market for ecotourism.

Dan Jonasson – Project Leader, visitSápmi

ex-CEO, the Swedish Ecotourism Society / Nature’s Best – Sweden’s Quality Label for Ecotourism. Former chairman of the Swedish Ecotourism Society Board of Directors.

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