sápmi lodge

Sápmi Lodge copy

Rogers is the advisor for the Sápmi Lodge pilot project working along side the visitSápmi team and a trio of Sweden’s leading architects and designers –  Thomas SandellMårten CyrénBertil Harström .


We engaged Thomas, Mårten and Bertil to design the Sápmi Lodge (the name is a working title only) due to their ground breaking work on Treehotel and their understanding and love for nature. As keen fly fishermen they had brainstormed with Kent Lindvall the owner of Treehotel while on a fishing trip to the Kamchatka Peninsula. The Treehotel has quickly become Sweden’s most iconic tourism asset with over 1300 media articles being published on it since opening. A staggering 50% of all media coverage in the UK on tourism to Sweden in 2012 was on the Treehotel or included reference to it. Our aim was to create a iconic design that embraced, illustrated and showcased authentic Sámi culture and activities.

The initial conceptual design phase of the project is now complete. The next phase in the process is to find sufficient funding to make the project a reality.

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