sámi culinary and adventure route

During the late summer of 2013 Neil Rogers was hired  by the Svenska Samernas Riksförbund (SSR) to lead a project entitled “Be the international expert in marketing a Sámi Culinary and Adventure Route”.

The project aim is the creation of a Sámi culinary and adventure route either in the north Sámi or south Sámi region.

The initial assessment stage was conducted in the late summer of 2013. The consultant and visitSápmi expert explored the route between Umeå and Ammarnäs in order to provide  a value chain analysis, testing the hard and soft infrastructure, existing and potential product and experience development along with quality and sustainability standards and compliance.

In the spring of 2014 the consultant and visitSápmi expert will explore the south Sámi route linking Östersund with Røros in Norway.

Once this stage is complete recommendations will be made on which route has the strongest potential to attract key client profiles and which tourism entrepreneurs will be key to developing and delivering key experiences along the route.

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