Despite being Britain’s best-known specialist wildlife tour operator, and having sent large numbers of tourists to countries all over the world for 24 years, Sweden had never featured in our range of destinations until 2008.

It was then that we came across Neil Rogers, an Englishman living in Sweden with an infectious passion for Scandinavia, its wildlife and its magnificent wilderness regions.

Neil’s enthusiasm, knowledge of Sweden and Norway, and huge experience in understanding the international tourism market, have single-handedly transformed our business to Scandinavia.

He has brought us a great range of invaluable local contacts through whom, with Neil’s guidance, Naturetrek has been able to develop a large and ever-expanding range of wonderful tours and destinations in Sweden and Norway.

“We are indebted to Neil for his drive and expertise in the area of Scandinavian tourism. He is an enormous asset and source of guidance to anyone in the tourism, travel and hospitality sector. Don’t work without him!”

David Mills – Managing Director,Naturetrek Ltd., UK

visitSápmi & Nature’s Best

Neil has been my chief advisor in building both the Swedish ecotourism label Nature’s Best and in helping to develop and launch Swedish ecotourism tours.

We have worked well together both independently and in team efforts. Whether in product development, sustainable practices, hotel management or marketing he is the most knowledgeable person I have met in Sweden.

He is an outstanding analyst and project planner when asked to develop a tourism destination. His global experience and high quality travel trade contacts make it possible to use him for the whole process of creating a functioning tourism destination.

In assessing tourism attractions, forming tourism development plans, making and implementing marketing plans. Although he is an International expert I also find him excellent in understanding how to develop the domestic market for ecotourism.

Dan Jonasson, Project Leader, VisitSapmi and ex-CEO, the Swedish Ecotourism Society and Nature’s Best – Sweden’s Quality Label for Ecotourism

Wild Norway

Even though Norway is gifted with stunning landscapes and amazing wildlife we’re still lacking the knowledge in how to develop our destination in order to take advantage of adventure and nature based tourism from overseas markets.

In order to make our outdoor suppliers a success and to ensure the Trøndelag region is visible on the adventure travel map we must take a big step forward.

Product development, business and destination development and strategies, marketing and sales – it all has to fit together.

Neil Rogers is one of most experienced in the business and he isn’t only an expert on small segments of this chain, he can deliver on every part of it – and if he can`t he`ll tell you and at the same time offer alternatives solutions.

A key factor in Neil’s case is that although his services are in demand he always responds to e-mails quickly and efficiently. It is a pleasure to work with a person so effective, personable, clear minded, clear talking, humble and straight forward.

Petter Thorsen – Project Leader, Wild Norway

Siljan Turism

“In respect that Siljan Turism wants to move forward with the development of nature tourism we asked Neil to do a destination analysis for us and give us recommendations from a nature tourism perspective. Neil did a fantastic job and we can really say that he opened our eyes. Neil’s work is now the foundation that we’ll build on to develop as a walking & hiking destination. I recommend him warmly! Many thanks!”.

 Helena Back, project leader for nature tourism, Siljan Turism AB

Coppola Resorts

I have known and worked with Neil for over 16 years.  Throughout this period, Neil’s wealth of knowledge and experience in luxury resort Sales & Marketing, and Product Development have consistently proven invaluable to me and to Coppola Resorts.  Neil’s advice on resort development, operations and eco-tourism has been, and indeed continues to be an essential contribution to the company’s growth and continued success. Neil’s work partnering NGOs and crafting guest experiences around biodiversity research and the protection of endangered species has been essential in the positioning of Coppola Resorts as a leader in sustainable tourism.

Anne Wood, ex-Managing Director – Francis Ford Coppola Resorts

XO Private

As you might recall from our meeting in Dubai, I wanted to introduce you to Neil Rogers, one of our longstanding partners who is an absolute expert regarding eco tourism and management.  He has been greatly involved with and carried out numerous specialist projects in the most remote corners of the globe and currently also manages the worldwide sales & marketing for Francis Ford Coppola’s resorts’ in Belize, Guatemala & Argentina.

Surrounding yourself with the right persons is absolute key for the launch of any project, right?  In this case, I believe that Neil’s extensive knowhow can be a tremendous asset for GEO Resorts.  Moreover, he is a most enjoyable person to work together with.

Yvan Vermeesch, Managing Director, The Private Collection

International Expeditions, Inc.

Amerindian village ecolodge development project in Guyana – “I told Tim that if I had to think of one person that I knew in all the world who could be a valuable asset to this village for lodge design and an ecotourism assessment then it would be you… Having a viable ecotourism endeavor owned by the village would be a great thing but who knows if that is really feasible.  You are the best person on the planet to figure it out”

Steve Cox, Executive Director, International Expeditions, Inc.

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