alexandra cousteau

Alexandra Cousteau’s Expedition Blue Planet Belize – 2012

For 3 years (2010-12) Neil Rogers explored the possibility of a collaboration between Alexandra Cousteau, the Blue Legacy Foundation and Francis Ford Coppola Resorts.

In mid-2011 it was agreed that Coppola Resorts would support and host Alexandra’s Expedition Blue Planet Belize in the late spring of 2012. In the fall of 2011 Neil accompanied Alexandra Cousteau, Fritz Neumeyer (Alexandra’s husband) and ex-National Geographic producer Martha Conboy on a 10-day scouting trip around Belize. The theme of the 2012 expedition was ‘water’, exploring ‘story themes’ for how water flows from jungle ridge to coastal communities and out to the Mesoamerican Barrier Reef. Along the way the compelling story of NGOs, communities and tourism stakeholders would unfold as the water story began to flow. The tragedy of illegal deforestation and poaching, changing land use patterns, the impacts of negative tourism development all threaten to overwhelm Belize’s meagre financial and human resources. Yet the story aimed to tell of great hope through tales of corporate responsibility, sustainable tourism practices and most importantly the eye witness accounts of Belize’s modern day conservation heros.

Unfortunately despite the extensive planning work the funding was never found to make the documentary. You can follow Alexandra Cousteau’s work via the Blue Legacy web site and blog at

Nurture Belize

Deeply concerned about the impact due to illegal logging, poaching of endangered species, the lack of environmental planning / enforcement and a general state of apathy Neil Rogers aims to make a difference through the launching of Nurture Belize. Nurture Belize aims to be a place of collaboration for all those who want to see a sustainable future for Belize through a combination of philanthropy and corporate responsibility. NGOs, tourism stakeholders, citizens organizations and concerned individuals can join together to make a difference through supporting national conservation campaigns and local capacity building projects. To learn more about Nurture Belize visit the web site at

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