nature’s best

Neil Rogers Consulting (Lexlaw AB) was hired as the advisor to the Secretary General of the Swedish Ecotourism Society  / Ekoturism Föreningen and Quality Label for Swedish Ecotourism  Nature’s Best / Naturens Bästa.

Rogers role with the Swedish Ecotourism Society was to help develop standards and training materials with a focus on the export process; help with the planning process for sustainable criteria;  deliver marketing plans; conduct training workshops; mentor members; lead journalist and travel trade FAM trips; deliver creative copy writing in English for Nature’s Bestand it’s members.

During his time working with Ekoturism Föreningen Neil mentored many of Sweden’s best known nature tourism operators. Here are a sample of the businesses mentored:-

Wild Sweden; Sápmi Pathfinder (formerly Vägvisaren); Rid i Jorm; Nutti Sámi Siida; Fish Your Dream / Gotland Nature ; UrNaturSaga Adventures.

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