consulting projects

Russia – Volcanoes of Kamchatka World Heritage sites for the UNDP

Contracted to develop recommendations on the development, marketing and management of sport fishing and ecotourism on the Kamchatka Peninsula (Russian Far East) for the Portland, Oregon based Wild Salmon Centre implementing a UNDP Moscow grant. The strategy ‘route map’ outlined how to position Kamchatka as a year-round nature and adventure destination with the highest standards of environmental and social responsibility.

Gulf of Honduras – Tri-National Ecotourism Route for the Gulf of Honduras (TRIGOH)

Evaluation of the ecotourism assets of the Gulf of Honduras (Honduras, Guatemala and Belize) leading to a destination development strategy and marketing plan linking 30 coastal protection zones and 16 NGOs in the region through the development of a tri-national ecotourism route.

Peru – business development consulting for Inkaterra

Contracted by Inkaterra, the owners of the Machu Picchu Pueblo Hotel, Reserva Amazonica and La Casona – Cusco Hotel to evaluate and make recommendations on their business development strategy. The project scope included: product development, price structures and packaging methods to expand market share at the ‘exclusive’ end of the market; booking terms and conditions; brand positioning and marketing strategies for the global market. Inkaterra are past winners of the Tourism for Tomorrow Award for Conservation.

Poland – Bieszczady Mountain region and National Park

Rapid assessment of the ecotourism potential of the Bieszczady/Carpathian Mountain region of SE Poland with particular emphasis on the market position and ecotourism potential of the region along with specific focus on the Bieszczady National Park (a WWF Pan Park).

Estonia – South Estonian Tourism Foundation & Enterprise Estonia

Part of an international team of experts contracted to develop training material for tourism trainers and entrepreneurs in the field of nature based tourism. The project covered the development of operational guidelines, guide training; risk evaluation (environmental and operational); development of products, pricing and packaging; marketing; sales channel development; “best practice” studies; eco-branding for nature tourism.

Belize – Integrated Conservation Tourism Initiative (ICTI)

To develop an integrated, sustainable product development and marketing system for a network of Belize’s NGOs, protected areas and rural communities. Core objectives focused on generating funds from ecotourism to help sustain and expand conservation efforts and at the same time increase the ecotourism involvement of rural communities adjacent to Belize’s protected areas.

Guyana – Iwokrama International Centre for Rainforest Conservation and Development.

Contracted by Iwokrama/Government of Guyana to provide a report entitled, “Iwokrama, Tourist Marketing Short Consultancy”. Specific brief was to: a) develop a 2-year marketing plan with detailed budget, b) identification of suitable short and medium term markets, target segments and their demographics, c) recommendations on how to reach those markets, d) recommendations on collateral materials needed to support marketing plan.

Belize – Oak Foundation / TIDE / The Nature Conservancy

Contracted by Boston based Oak Foundation to conduct a feasibility study in the Toledo District of Belize to determine the economic viability of purchasing and developing two hotel properties (Nicholas Caye and Fallen Stones Ranch & Butterfly Farm) into sustainable eco-tourism operations. TIDE is Toledo based conservation NGO that administers the Port Honduras Marine Reserve and the Payne’s Creek Nature Reserve. The Nature Conservancy and Oak Foundation support them in their efforts.

US Virgin Islands – CHANT (Crucian Heritage and Nature Tourism) 

Participated as part of the ECG Inc. team in a series of planning session to develop a structural ‘road map’ of how CHANT should move forward in its initiative to become the leading catalyst for community based ecotourism, heritage and nature tourism growth in the US Virgin Islands.

Belize  – Mountain Travel Sobek, Belize Adventure Program

Working with NGOs and rural communities to develop an adventure travel program for the USA’s leading adventure tour operator Mountain Travel Sobek in Belize’s Toledo District. The resulting program is operated by local NGO subsidiary TIDE Tours and includes visits to protected areas, interaction with indigenous communities, Maya ruin sites and a sea kayaking program along Belize’s barrier reef.

 Nordic Consulting Projects in brief

visitSápmi – a destination development project for the indigenous Sámi reindeer herders of Norway, Sweden, Finland and Russia (Kola Peninsula).

Project advisor and mentor for visitSápmi project leader Dan Jonasson. This project is based in Sweden and currently ongoing through 2013.

Sápmi Lodge

Tourism expert for the development of a pilot project for the conceptual design, field planning and prospectus publication for the Sámi Lodge. The Sámi Lodge will be a show case for Sámi tourism that integrates hospitality training for Sámi youth & entrepreneurs into the core aims of the project. Project ends June 2013.

Wild Norway

Project advisor and mentor for project leader Petter Thorsen and Proneo AS, a Norwegian consulting company based in Verdal, Trøndelag. Wild Norway is bringing together a wide range of private and public sector stakeholders in the Trøndelag region. There is considerable interest in the project being rolled out on a national basis. This project is currently ongoing through 2013 and beyond.

Siljan Turism – Exportseminarium and destination evaluation report for active tourism.

Keynote speaker at an export seminar relating to developing the overseas market. Focus on product development, quality, pricing, packaging, marketing, sales and media support. Seminar followed by a 2 day destination tour to evaluate the potential of active and special interest tourism with a focus on walking. Evaluation provided by written report.

Finland – Project Community Tourism, Comtour

Interreg III A Kvarken-MittSkandia

Funded by the AGORA project with a brief to evaluate a range of planned community based ecotourism experiences in Närpes / Öjskogsparken, Kristinestad, Kronoby, Karleby and Kaustbyregionerna, 7-broars skärgårdsområdet and Kilens hembydsgård.


Åre, Meråker, Nord Trondelag – Interreg Sweden-Norway

NOA – pilot project (Naturbaserte Opplevelser og Arrangement)

To evaluate the potential for wildlife watching (with a specific emphasis on Artic Fox Alopex lagopus) and birding tourism within western Jämtland and Trondelag in Norway. The report focused on evaluating the current tourism products and advising on an integrated strategy for product development, infrastructure development, training, product club development, marketing, destination development and management for the cross-border region.

Byske Laxdal – community tourism development Västerbotten

Interreg III A Kvarken-MittSkandia

Contracted by Byske Laxdal to evaluate the community ‘Camp F’ fishing lodge and community based ecotourism project. Developed a conceptual plan for the development of an ecolodge that would drive tourism in the Byske Laxdal region. The strategy integrated Japanese lifestyle goods company Muji, Skellefteå Kommun and Trangsvik Bolaget.

The Swedish Tourism Export Process – Swedish Export Council

Contracted by Continuum AB on behalf of the Swedish Export Council and the Swedish Travel & Tourism Council as a consultant to educate, act as a mentor and develop product ideas and marketing concepts for private sector stakeholders in the regions of Småland, Skåne, West Sweden (Väst Svenska) and Östergötland. Specific focus for product development concentrated on golf, spa and well being short break packages.

The Småland Tourism Entrepreneur Development Programme – Småland Tourist Board

Contracted by Continuum AB to work on a 2-year project to act as a mentor for the twelve leading tourism businesses in Småland in order to develop tourism product that can compete effectively in the international market place.

Swedish Tourism Authority – European market research project on tour operator, ecotourism and adventure tourism.

Working as lead researcher and writer for Continuum AB to conduct a comprehensive evaluation of tour operators in the UK, Germany and Holland to determine what year-round outdoor adventure, ecotourism and nature tour products are already in existence and which would be most suitable to concentrate on from a Swedish product development perspective. The resulting study was published in May 2004 and contains substantial research and data on winter based tourism.

Hästlandet Sverige – hired by Continuum AB to conduct background research on and develop a product development and marketing strategy for the newly formed Swedish horse back riding (Hästlandet Sverige) product network. This is a 5 million kronor project over 3-5 years and contains global case studies on successful horseback riding operations and locations.

NAVE Nortrail – rejuvenating the cultural trails & landscape of the North Sea

NAVE Nortrail, a multi-national initiative (UK, Holland, Germany, Denmark, Norway and Sweden) aims to rejuvenate the coastal trails and communities of the North Sea. Neil conducted a workshop seminar for all consultants working on the project on the 19th January 2004. The core theme of the seminar is to outline ways in which cultural heritage trails can move from intellectual planning to commercial success – through the development of nature, adventure and cultural tourism and the relevant planning and support systems.

Skåne Tourist Board – Skånska Matupplevelser

Lead speaker at a seminar/workshop in Malmö of approximately 40 restaurants and hotels from Skåne on how they can work as a network when developing product and marketing the concept internationally. Currently working on a strategic plan to develop a mechanism to promote food from field to table for the region.

Laponia World Heritage site, Swedish Lapland

Contracted by Continuum AB to evaluate recommendations for improving the content and product development visibility on the Laponia World Heritage web site.

Vägvisaren Samiska Upplevelser, Gällivare, Lapland, Sweden.

Contracted by Continuum AB to help Lennart Pittja and the Vägvisaren (Pathfinders) Saami indigenous peoples group to develop a range of sustainable tourism products focused on multi-day reindeer trekking and Saami/Laplander culture programs.

Våstsvenska Turistrådet / Dalsland Province

Contracted by Continuum AB to work on a project for the West Sweden Tourist Board  to develop a comprehensive eco-tourism & eco lodge sustainable development strategy for the region of Dalsland in Western Sweden. This large project started in June 2001 and was completed in Autumn 2003. The three year project providing a comprehensive product development and marketing strategy for a range of tourism businesses (hotels and ‘local outfitters’) in Dalsland.

The Umeå Region, Sweden

Contracted to evaluate the ecotourism / green tourism strategy and product development for the region.

Skåne Turistrådet / Developing a marketing strategy for regional food

Contracted to give a seminar to the leading hotels and castles of Skåne on how to develop marketing strategies for the promotion of  “regional gourmet food” and “culinary travel”. Incorporated sections on; ‘product clubs’, culinary seminars and schools, developing “culinary trails” for active group travel companies and on “short-break” vacations.

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