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We’re helping Børge Ousland, Norway’s most celebrated living polar explorer with the design and conceptual planning for his Manshausen Island hotel project.

Located off the coast just north of Bødo close to Lofoten his private island, Manshausen is being developed as an adventure & expedition planning centre featuring a small and exclusive boutique property. With architectural design from Tromsø based Snorre Stinessen the project will focus on the conversion of an existing farmhouse ‘lodge’ building and the modular construction of individual cottages featuring massive timber and plate-glass design.

The property will host adventure tourists, those planning expeditions and small corporate groups. Inland lies superb randonée, nordic and heli skiing and off-shore winter snorkeling, sea kayaking and fishing are just a few of the adventure options available.

Construction is planned to start in Spring 2014 with a yet to be decided opening date in late 2014. For more information please e-mail or visit the Børge Ousland website.

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