Kiruna in Swedish Lapland – Tourism Master Plan

TMP Summary Image LR

rogers&co ab has just delivered the full and summary versions of the Tourism Master Plan for Kiruna in Swedish Lapland.

We’re still working with Sustainable Travel International / STI on developing the internationally recognized (based on GSTC-D Criteria) but locally relevant ‘destination standard’ for Kiruna in Swedish Lapland’s cloud based Sustainable Management and Monitoring System (SMS) for destination and enterprise.

The SMS will allow Kiruna Lappland Ekonomisk Förening (KLEF), the DMO for Kiruna in Swedish Lapland to actively monitor destination and enterprise sustainability performance which in turn will lead to better management and mitigation strategies for sustainable tourism.

In addition the destination will be able independently verify and certify (through a locally branded and promoted quality label) those destination enterprises that meet or exceed the destination sustainability standard for enterprise.

Exciting times for sustainability in Kiruna in Swedish Lapland.


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