Lierne National Park Centre, North Trøndelag, Norway

LierneWN Logos J Bring on the Bears J

Neil Rogers of rogers & co AB has been contracted as the international mentor/expert for the 3-year “Bring on the Bears” nature based tourism development project to be co-managed by Lierne National Park Centre and Wild Norway AS. Rogers has been acting as mentor for the Wild Norway project since 2012 and previously delivered a workshop in nature based tourism for the Lierne National Park Centre in 2014.

The aim of the project is to build capacity for year-round nature based tourism and work towards Lierne National Park becoming one of Scandinavia’s primary locations for nature based tourism and wildlife watching.

Lierne National Park has the highest density of European Brown Bear in Norway and works closely with nearby sister protected areas Børgefjell and Blåfjella-Skjaekerfjella National Parks. With significant populations of moose, beaver, owls and raptors the potential for creating nature watching and wildlife photography in the region is significant.

Focusing on delivering quality assurance; improving the destination’s hard and soft infrastructure; developing authentic outdoor food experiences; creating activities, experiences and multi-night packages; story telling, marketing and finding international travel trade partners are all aspects of this exciting project.


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