Digital communications strategy for Kiruna in Swedish Lapland

Kiruna Digital Commmunications

Neil Rogers recently delivered a digital communications planning document for Kiruna in Swedish Lapland in order to help the DMO plan and develop their new destination web site.

Digital communications and e-­marketing should be part of a comprehensive inbound marketing strategy that makes it easy for the target audience to find the destination and it’s tourism stakeholders. It’s about creating visibility, providing quality content and by nurturing potential visitors until they’re ready to purchase and travel.

A ‘sense of place’ is what makes somewhere distinctive and memorable. It is its personality. This is where the competitive edge lies. Establishing a sense of place involves celebrating the place’s people, products, culture and heritage, nurturing its natural and built environment, and presenting these attributes in a way that reflects the true spirit of the place. It is above all about appealing to people’s emotional response to the place, rather than simply talking about its physical assets.

If you’re interested in developing a digital marketing strategy, an inbound marketing strategy or wish to learn more about digital ‘story telling’ please do not hesitate to contact me for a chat – 


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