Wanås Estate

Wanås Slott

The intersection of art, creative design, world class hospitality, high quality organic produce and fine dining is increasingly emerging as a model for approaching sustainable tourism for rural landowners or communities. The Shorefast Foundation and Fogo Island Inn have shown that community based, innovative design and arts driven tourism projects can catch the attention of the international media and help to create long term sustainable destinations.

It’s an area of sustainable destination development that I’m particularly interested in and so I’m very excited that I’ve been invited down to north Skåne by the owners (and stiftelsen) of the Wanås Estate to discuss their new destination concept.

Wanås Konst as the name suggested is famous for it’s art, hosting over 60,000 visitors per annum. Wanås Gods is Sweden’s leading producer of high quality organic milk and sustainably manages its forestry and hunting rights. When you combine the two components and add world class design, cuisine and hospitality it’s the type of project that Sweden badly needs to help raise its profile in this important tourism segment, especially for the export market. The stunning estate is set among the rich arable fields and towering beech forests of northern Skåne and has the potential to offer an exceptional and sophisticated range of unique day, evening, overnight and custom packaged experiences for the leisure and corporate markets.

Rather than look inwardly the owners/operators of the estate have looked at global models to suit their needs and have developed their sustainability policy around the Long Run Destination initiative developed by the Zeitz Foundation.


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