Owal Group contract Neil Rogers as nature and adventure tourism expert for Nature Tourism Strategy for SE Finland project

Island in Lake

Helsinki based consulting group Owal Group have contracted Neil Rogers to be the ‘nature and adventure tourism’ expert for their project “Nature Tourism Strategy for SE Finland“.

The work will take place between January and August 2014 and will involve an assessment of the destination along with a series of stakeholder interviews, meetings and workshops that will lead to strategic choices and action plans.

The SE Finland region lies about 115 kilometers east of Helsinki and stretches to the Russian border. It has over 100 kilometers of coastline, stunning archipelagos of tiny islands, quaint ports with cost restaurants and secluded coves. Inland the landscape is dominated by thick forests, thousands of hidden lakes and fast flowing rivers. For cultural explorers and those seeking authentic experiences there are annual festivals, events and the historically important Salpa Line Museum.  For adventurers  wishing to explore the wilderness the taiga forests offers fantastic birding, nature watching,  hiking, rafting and fly fishing.

To read more about the Owal Group or the stunning SE Finland destination just click on their links.


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