Sustainable Destination assessment for Kiruna in Swedish Lapland


Neil Rogers and Dan Jonasson (Lexlaw AB) have been contracted to provide Kiruna in Swedish Lapland (Kiruna Lappland Ekonomisk förening) with an audit of the destinations sustainable tourism practices. Between January and April 2014 the consultants will conduct research and carry out an on-site audit of the destination. They will then deliver their findings and make recommendations to help with the destinations long term sustainable destination monitoring and planning.

As part of the process the consultants will test the Global Sustainable Tourism Council‘s (GSTC) Criteria and Indicators for Sustainable Destinations (GSTC-D v.1) and cross reference them against indicators from the European Tourism Indicator System (ETIS) and Norway’s National Standard for Sustainable Destinations.

The consultants are thrilled to be working with Kiruna on this important project and believe it is an important first step for Sweden to look at how tourism in destinations can be developed sustainably using GSTC’s global standard using ETIS indicators and monitoring tools. Kiruna in Swedish Lapland is one of Sweden’s leading destinations with tourism stakeholders such as the Icehotel, Nutti Sámi Siida, the LKAB Visitors Centre, Spaceport Sweden, Riksgränsen, Björkliden, Abisko Aurora Sky Station and Kebnekaise Mountain Lodge.

For more information on how your destination could develop a sustainable tourism master plan please contact Neil Rogers on


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